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14 Liter Water filter

Original price was: 24600 CFA.Current price is: 15990 CFA.

14 Liter water filter

Original price was: 20500 CFA.Current price is: 15990 CFA.
This wardroble is portable and can last for long. You can arrange your shoes and sandals on this shoe wardrobe. You can easily transpot it to one place to another. 

2 Site portable Shoe Stand

Original price was: 36900 CFA.Current price is: 21320 CFA.
Filters your water and makes it more clean. Has a good mineral stone and a cartridge filter. Every bit of dirt is being filtered and water comes out clean.It has a lower tank and a lower base. There is an upper tank and a middle base and demo ceramic for effective drainage.

20 Liter Water Filter

Original price was: 20500 CFA.Current price is: 17630 CFA.
This is one of the most Flexible and easy to transport wardrobe. This wardrobe is mountable and very good for family use. You can travel with it anywhere. A fair sizable wardrobe and can contain valuable dresses and preserve them. SIZE: 130*170*45

3-sided removable wardrobe

Original price was: 24600 CFA.Current price is: 18450 CFA.
Decorating cake is one of the reason for this good.  four in one decorator helps shape your cake and makes it presentable. The shapes are accurate and the good can last for long. 

4 in 1 Cake Decor

Original price was: 5330 CFA.Current price is: 1640 CFA.

8 Pieces of golden attachment

Original price was: 9020 CFA.Current price is: 6150 CFA.